Skin Dullness?? No Problem Use This Beauty Tips to Get Beautiful Skin Again!

By Dave

No matter how busy is our life is but we can`t forget about staying healthy and well and yes The most important is taking care of facial skin as it`s exposed all the time and it can be clogged with oil, dirt and you can lose the glow if you are not being able to take care of your skin properly, as a makeup artist I can advise it`s so important that you take out 20 minutes for your skin every second day and make it healthier and glowy!!

Makeup cleansing

Double cleansing your daily makeup can completely transform your skin. By cleansing twice, you’ll ensure all the bacteria, dirt, oil and pollution that’s built up on your skin during the day has been removed, You can choose a good cleanser and see the results in few days!

Stick To The Skincare Routine 

Washing your face is the most basic and essential step of the routine, Our skin comes in contact with multiple pollutants, you should gently remove it and wash your face at least twice a day with an appropriate face wash to avoid clog pores and dullness.

Drink For Healthy Skin

Do you love to have juices?? if no you should start having juices from today only there is a variety of juices which supports your skin and filled with antioxidants having two glasses of any of these juices will do wonders to your skin- Pomegranate, tomatoes, papaya, ginger lemon, aloe vera or orange juices are the best for glowy skin!!

The Water 

We know how important water is to our body its also do great benefits of our skin! Drinking enough water in a day helps to flush toxins from our body and to glow to our skin, it prevents premature aging prevents acne and gives you tighter skin too so never forget to drink plenty of water!

Fruit Massage To Skin

Yes you should give a fruit massage to your skin every second week for clearer glowy and healthy skin, it works like wonders now you should know which fruits can do magic to your skin, You can use banana, papaya, mango, watermelon, and avocado, lemon and orange is also do wonder but be careful with citrus fruits as applying it for long minutes can dry up your skin.


You should also learn how to protect your skin with sunscreen, it happens even if you are using a sunscreen and still your skins get tanned or get dehydrated and you can`t afford it no way so you have to choose your sunscreen wisely, Always use a good sunscreen which is available with hydrogel and it will make sure to keep your skin happy and healthy, shiner and bouncy!!

Tea For Bouncy & Clearer Skin

Yes, a couple of cup of tea in a day can help you to get healthier skin from inside, it also helps to flush out toxin from our body and yes we all know the benefits of tea, you can have chamomile tea, green, jasmine, ginger, dandelion and whichever you find the better with taste also you can you a cup of milk with turmeric powder in it before going to the bed, You should also keep an eye for product quality otherwise it won’t be good for anything.


Exercise is important too besides eating and drinking healthy, Even if you are so busy you can take out three days from the week and Work out for a couple of hours, it promotes blood circulation and skin becomes more healthy, You can mix up yoga and gym take out time and practice both!

Red Wine

Red wine is full of antioxidants, it is anti-aging and it helps in restoring collagen which is the most important thing it keeps us young and beautiful, You can also apply some of the red wine on your face, enjoy  3-4 glass of red wine in a week for blushy skin!!

Hope you loved reading about beauty tips and the fun part is you are allowed to drink red wine!! Just joking 😉