Hello, I am Dave, an independent professional makeup artist (based in Delhi NCR region) and   ( Bangkok ) by now you’ve probably figured out that I worship make-up. From the very derivation of my career, I knew makeup, liners, blushes and brushes are my thing. My practice and proficiency lay in makeover and hair styling and consultancy requirements in bridal and occasional, TV, fashion and celebrity makeup.

I’ve served the makeup industry for 12 consecutive years as a senior creative artist and consultant when it comes to put a figure on my experience in this profession. Makeup for me is like salt in the food, you neither can overdo it nor it can be left undone. There is this thin difference that makes the difference. I believe that your big day is not just your big day, people would choose to be beyond great.

No matter what the occasion is, the sole aim is to make client feel gorgeous & a show stopper from inside out for your special day, helping you through out  to choose right type of  jewelry & other add on, which could look best with your attires and looks.